My Growing List of Websites


Maths website about money                                                             





TouchGraph Google Browser.

Yahooligans, safe google search for kids

Dogpile,safe google search for kids



Sumo Paint,


Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). Australian Curriculum: Geography. Retrieved May 2013, from:

Australian Government. Geoscience Australia. Sentinel. Retrieved October 2012, from:

Contour Education. Interactive maps. Retrieved October 2012, from:

Contour Education. Simple geospatial technologies. This website has a blog and provides resources for use in the classroom and for professional learning. Retrieved October 2012, from:

SpatialGenie. Retrieved October 2012, from:

World Resources Institute. Reefs at risk revisited. Retrieved October 2012, from:                                                           Always wanted to make a WebQuest but not sure where to start? Education World has all the answers and can make the process easy for you. WebQuests are probably the most talked-about and widely used Web-based activities in today’s classrooms. What are WebQuests? What accounts for their popularity? And how can you use—and create—WebQuests in your own classroom? Education World explores those questions and more                                                                                                                            Crowdsourced software recommendations : Alternative  approach to finding good software. Tell us what application you want to replace and we give you great alternatives, based on user recommendations.                                                                                                                                           Dropbox is a special folder that syncs across multiple computers and mobile devices.  Dropbox lets you instantly share files between computers and offers storage that students can access from school or home

Evernote captures notes and ideas and makes the available over multiple platforms including any computer and nearly every mobile device.  Searching ideas and notes is easy, students can search by title, tag, or hand written text.

KeepVid lets you download videos directly from YouTube, Google, Metacafe, Putfile and more.  It is as simple as copy and paste.  Download educational videos for your students to watch offline.
TubeChop lets you select a portion from a YouTube video to share.
Crocodoc lets you upload PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations and lets you view and mark them up online.  Documents can be shared with others who can highlight and add notes collaboratively.                                                           Google Forms Gathering all information you need from students and parents becomes easy with this online tool. Google forms can be used for giving quizzes to your students, sending surveys to parents, planning events, or collecting any other type of information easily. You can connect a form to a Google spreadsheet and automatically see the inserted updates.                                                                                                                                           I have used Padlet to create a welcome board where my students can introduce themselves. This is a cool way to familiarize young students with an educational technology tool because it’s easy to use and makes them interested in classroom activities.

PowerPoint Alternatives:

 create beautiful non-linear presentations with relations, detail zoom, and time adjustment.  This is a striking alternative to PowerPoint.                                                                                                                           Presentations  an online presentation tool.
an online creative presentation tool that can be shared easily online.
Comprehensive presentation creation online.
a web application that lets you layout, share, and present rich media content.
a web based presentation tool that can be integrated with Google Apps.
a linear presentation program where you can create and share presentations.
an online tool that lets you share slides created offline.
create online presentations with images, video clips, music, and text.
create online collaborative presentations with video, audio, images, and embedded messages from the creator and viewers.
create music videos from images and text online.

Microsoft Word Alternatives:

this online word processor allows students to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real time with other students or teachers.
an online word processor that lets students create and edit documents directly in their web browser and share them in the cloud so that they can be shared with anyone.  Zoho can allow multiple users to work on a document simultaneously.
a free web-based word processor designed specifically for primary students that allow students and teachers to work together in real-time.
an online word processor that allows students and teachers to collaborate in real-time.  Multiple students can edit the same document simultaneously and the changes are reflected in real time.
a real time text editor that has an integrated chat function.

Inspiration (mind mapping) alternatives:

online mind mapping.
web based mind mapping with real time collaboration for brainstorming.
an online drawing tool that lets you create diagrams and mind maps.

Adobe Creative Suite alternatives:                                                                                                                               This website gives you a free opportunity to create colorful flyers.

a suite of online creativity tools.  Photo-editing, logos, web templates, filters, color palettes, screen capture, music creator.  This is a great alternative to Adobe’s expensive Photoshop and Illustrator.
Easy to use online photo editing tools.  Includes effects, fonts, shapes, and frames.
a web 2.0 online application that offers an alternative to Adobe’s Photoshop.
edit images online with simple adjustments and a number of effects.
create digital art from any web browser, doesn’t require any plugins.

Audio Editing Alternatives

from Aviary, a complete audio editing suite online that lets students remix music tracks and audio clips.  Students can apply sound effects, record their own voice or instruments.

Video Editing Alternatives

a free online video editor including webcam and voice-over, slow motion effects, green screen, drawing and annotation tool, and customize and colorize clips.
mix photos and videos with special effects to create a slideshow/video montage.
create videos online using images, video clips, and music.
mix images videos and add soundtracks in an online editor, add titles and transitions for an impressive yet simple-to-create video.

How will you measure the success of ICT integration into your teaching?


I would measure the success of ICT integration the same way I would measure my student’s learning; through “Authentic Assessment”.  (Wiggins, 1990)

This can only be done by using a variety of authentic assessment tools for example;

  • Teacher observation
  • Open-ended questions
  • work samples
  • Hands-on tasks
  • Portfolios etc……

The success of the ICT integration into the teaching will be clearly evident through how well students demonstrate their learning from the “Authentic tasks” given.

Observation of student disengagement and lack of understanding through open ended questions should be a clear indication that the ICT integration needs to be reassessed to bring more authenticity.

Wiggins, Grant (1990). The case for authentic assessment. Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation, 2(2). Retrieved April 20, 2016, from



Prior to using the TIP Model I was still unsure if my idea for a unit plan was appropriate. By answering the questions and creating some of my own I feel my original idea and choice of ICT would be much easier to justify for Assignment 2

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